Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat E-Liquid By Ethos

Ethos has four rice crispy treat e-liquids on the market. They are among the best rice crispy treat vapes that you’ll find anywhere today, and they come highly recommended. The Ethos Crispy Treats line is made up of e-liquids with unique flavors that will make your mouth start salivating.

Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat e-juice is a fantastic vape liquid. You can easily make this an all-day vape. You can tell from its delicious taste that this e-juice is made with only the best ingredients. This is a premium-quality vape juice.

Flavor Description

The flavor of Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat is phenomenal. The taste is subtle all the way through. At 0.32 ohm and 65 watts, you get the spot-on flavor of blueberry and rice crispy treats on the inhale and the exhale. Ethos took the original crispy treat flavor and added blueberries to it. You still taste the smooth marshmallow flavor in the background, but the blueberry flavor dominates the vape all the way through. This vape juice is very sweet, but it will not give you sugar lips. If you like sweet vapes, this can be your next all day vape.

VG/PG Ratio

Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat by Ethos has a VG/PG ratio of 75/25 ratio. When you shake the e-juice, you can notice the thickness as bubbles form.

The vapor production of Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat is excellent. The clouds are massive. When you blow, the vapor lingers in the air before slowly dissipating.  I think the e-juice is good and does not require steeping. If you want to steep, the recommendation is that the date it was manufactured should be at least two weeks or less.

Nicotine Strength

Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat e-juice by Ethos is available with nicotine strength of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The throat hits that you will get from this e-liquid is mild. The vape is smooth with a mild tingling sensation in the back of the throat. There is no discomfort such as itching or burning sensation.

If you like strong throat hits, you can purchase addition nicotine shots.


Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat has a colorful packaging design. The cardboard box and the label have the same design. You will see the Ethos logo as well as the product name and an image of a rice crispy bar. You will find other info like the usual warnings, the nicotine strength, and more.

Inside the box, you will find an Ethos Sticker and an Ethos cleaning cloth along with the bottle. There are two lids. The bottle has a normal cap, and you’ll find another lid that has a drip tip to facilitate dripping.


Currently, all of Ethos Rice Crispy Treat e-juices are on sale at 63% off on Vape Deal. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a premium-quality e-liquid at a very low price. For only $10.95, you can get a 60ml bottle Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat. The sale lasts for a limited period, then the standard price of $29.99 applies.

Vape Deal frequently has promotions and sales. This store has some of the best prices you’ll find on the market. The standard price of $29.99 for a 60-ml bottle of this premium-quality vape juice is still quite a steal.

The Vape Deal store is user-friendly. There is excellent customer service and very quick delivery of orders.


Ethos Crispy Treats e-juice line is a limited edition product. Hence, this is the time to obtain some of the best rice crispy e-liquids. It’s not clear whether Ethos will continue making the same Rice Crispy line or end the line sometime in the future.

Flavor chasers can try mixing the different flavors in this line to get a different taste. For instance, Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat make a perfect match with the original marshmallow Rice Crispy Treat. In fact, I think that is what Ethos did by taking the original version and adding different flavors such blueberry, strawberry, and other fruity flavors. Overall, the Ethos Crispy Treats line is a must-try. You will find all the e-juices very delicious.

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Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat E-Liquid By Ethos

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