Candy King Sour Worms E-Liquid Review

Sour worms were one my favorite candies when I was growing up. I used to get them almost every time I went to the local corner store. I still eat them from time to time when I’m craving something sweet and sour.  When I heard about Candy King’s Sour Worms, I was ecstatic. Having tried other fruity flavored e-liquids from them, I put my order in immediately. I just had to have it. Once again Candy King has lived up to their name, and this time it was with one of my all-time favorite candies sour worms. 

This e-juice is so good. You get exactly what the description says; fruity, sweet, tart candy flavor. This e-liquid is going to be my all day vape for a while. It has been almost impossible to put it down. I’m so glad I found this vape juice. In the past, I’ve eaten so many sour worms my tongue started to burn. But you can vape this e-liquid all day and night and enjoy the flavor of sour worms with no worries. If you’re into fruity, sweet, and sour e-juice blends, I recommend you give this one a try right away. Your palate will not be disappointed.

Go to Smokly to get Sour Worms and other electrifying Candy King e-liquids. You can get a 100ml bottle of this awesome vape juice for just $19.95. They have one of the largest inventories of e-juice I’ve seen anywhere on the market. If you are tired of looking all over for premium e-liquids and other vaping products, Smokly’s the perfect place for your you to find everything you need in one location.

The flavor of Sour Worms is nothing less than remarkable. I can taste multiple fruit flavors with every puff of this e-liquid. I’ve picked up citrus, strawberry, raspberry, and even pineapple flavor in this vape juice. Every puff is even more dynamic than the last. The inhale contains mostly fruit flavor with a hint of a sour tinge. On the exhale, the sourness picks up and give it that kick you expect to get from a sour e-liquid. I give this vape juice an A+ because it tastes exactly the way it should – like a real-life sour gummy worm.

Sour Worms has a VG (vegetable glycerin) PG (propylene glycol) ratio of 70/30. This e-liquid has both great flavor and cloud production. You can also select your preferred nicotine level. It is currently available with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. I purchased this juice in its 3mg form and the throat is quite smooth for a sour vape juice. I’m currently using the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W Starter Kit with a 0.15-ohm coil head. I found the found the flavor of this e-liquid is the most profound in between 45 and 60 watts. I tend to stay around 60 watts anyway, but if you desire higher wattage I will take it above the recommend 70 watts without any fears that you may start to burn your cotton. You can find this mod and other premium mods on Smokly.

I love the overall packaging design of Sour Worms. It is unique and reminds me of some of the candy wrappers I’ve seen over the years. It comes in a box that has the same exact look and layout of the bottle. A gorilla unicorn bottle houses the e-liquid. Unicorn bottles are perfect for any situation whether you have to fill a tank or drip on an RDA. The label of Sour Worms has the company’s name, logo, and some information about the vape juice.

Smokly has one of the largest e-liquid collections online. They have a huge collection of the best vape liquids to choose from at unbeatable prices. Whether you want a vape juice with/without nicotine, a blend of tobacco, fruit or menthol, or a particularly hard-to-find flavor, this store has got exactly what you need. You can make a purchase at any price and you will get free shipping because Smokly offers free shipping on any order with no minimum. The store is constantly having flash sales so be sure to check back frequently to get the best deals on premium e-liquids and other vaping products.

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Candy King Sour Worms E-Liquid Review

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