Finding Your Ideal Flavorah Vape E-Liquid Recipes

Flavorah is intended for e-cigarettes. It is a food flavoring that comprises different GRAS components. Visit https://Flavorah .com to understand different things about Flavorah . Flavorah is nicotine and tobacco free. These products should be processed further before being used in e-cigarette. This gives you an option of coming up with different vape e-liquid recipes. Click on the above link to find a Flavorah store near you. Visit the store and purchase different Flavorah flavors. Different flavors offer a variety of vape e liquid recipes. Click on this link. It will direct you to resources & information. Afterwards, click DIY recipe book.

Alternatively, follow vape e liquid recipes for a wide range of recipes. Different recipes make e-cigarette smoking fun. There are three main things you should understand before trying out any e liquid recipe. They are:

  • The recipe- Carefully read the recipe to understand the ingredient. The used ingredients will determine if you got the ingredient right or not.
  • Measurement- Each element should be properly used for the e liquid to come out correctly.
  • Creating your e liquid. Correctly come up with e liquid based on volume or weight.

Here are some vape e liquid recipes you can come with using Flavorah flavors:

Simple sugar Cookie Recipe

This is the simplest recipes you will ever come across for your e-cigarette. You can easily mix the two main ingredients. Vanilla custard flavor is one of the required ingredients. Use four percent of vanilla custard flavor to make the e-liquid creamy. Sugar cookie is another ingredient you should use. However, it should be used in low amounts. Afterwards, use your selected Flavorah flavor on this mixture.

Thai Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

This recipe comprises three main ingredients. Caramel is an easy to use ingredient. It works well with fruits and creams. Use 1.25 % of caramel in the Thai coconut ice cream recipe. Coconut flavor is another ingredient required when coming up with this recipe. Vanilla bean ice cream is another ingredient you should use when setting up Thai coconut ice cream recipe. Mix the ingredients with your Flavorah flavor.

Goofy’s Juice

Goofy’s juice is one of the best recipes for your e-cigarette. Use your purchased Flavorah flavor. Your purchased flavor determines how your e-cigarette smells. Acetyl pyrazine is another ingredient you should use in Goofy’s juice. Hazelnut, graham cracker and peanut butter are other ingredients required for Goofy’s juice.

Grack Juice

Different Flavorah flavors can be used when setting up Grack juice recipe. You should correctly use the ingredients listed on this recipe. Cactus or inawera juice is one of the required ingredients. Cactus does magic to your fruit mixes. Dragon fruit is the second ingredient required when setting up Grack juice. This ingredient is a strawberry booster. It also brightens fruit mixes. Add grape and Koolada to your mixture. Koolada brings out a freezing effect. Use low amounts of Koolada in your mixture. Meringue is another ingredient used in Grack juice recipe. This ingredient brings out some sweet touch when the mixture is used in e-cigarette. Raspberry is another ingredient listed in the Grack juice recipe. It should be used in less than one percent. Finally, you should use strawberry. Strawberry brings out a lot of difference in this recipe.

These are a few recipes you should consider. The different vape e liquid recipes bring out different experience when using e-cigarette.  Therefore, ensure you have the right ingredients every time you choose a particular e liquid recipe. Flavorah products have changed how people enjoy e-cigarettes. You no longer have to worry about nicotine and tobacco in your e-cigarette. All Flavorah products don’t have any addictive substance.

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Finding Your Ideal Flavorah Vape E-Liquid Recipes

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