Firestorm E-Liquid by Havoc Juice Co. Review

Firestorm by Havoc Juice Co. is a yummy vape liquid that was made for vapers with sweet tooth cravings. Firestorm has the flavor of a strawberry taffy candy. The delicious taste of this e-liquid will bring back memories of your childhood days. The strawberry taffy candy flavor in this e-liquid is spot-on. It tastes exactly like a taffy candy with strawberry flavor. This vape juice has a natural taste that remains consistent even at a high-wattage. You can vape Firestorm all day long and not get tired of it. If you have a thing for candy e-liquids, then this is a treat that you must not resist.

Firestorm by Havoc Juice Co. is one of the best strawberry taffy candy e-liquids on the market. Although there are many e-liquids with a similar flavor profile, very few taste as good as this one. The ripe strawberry and sweet candy flavor in Firestorm complement each other beautifully. Although this e-liquid is sweet, the sweetness is not sickening. It will not give you vaper’s tongue when you chain vape on it. When vaping Firestorm, you get the sweet taste of candy on the inhale. On the exhale, the strawberry becomes more noticeable. This e-juice also has a pleasant taste that will spark up your taste buds.

Firestorm is a MAX VG e-liquid. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You can choose to vape this e-juice using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Firestorm is not a coil killer although it is a sweet, candy vape. You can vape this e-juice for a long time before your coils get blackened. Firestorm is ideal for vapers who enjoy blowing huge clouds of vapor. The milky clouds that you get from this e-juice will thrill cloud chasers.

Firestorm by Havoc Juice Co. comes with different concentration levels. You can get this e-liquid with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. You will get a smooth throat hit from this e-juice. It will not give you a harsh throat hit. 

Firestorm has an elegant packaging design. This e-liquid comes in a clear gorilla unicorn bottle. The Havoc logo is printed on the bottle along with other relevant information about the product.

Firestorm is produced in the United States by Humble Juice Co. This company, which is based in California, is known for its excellent e-liquids. This company uses only high-quality ingredients to make its e-liquids. Humble Juice has a huge collection of e-liquids in different lines namely Humble Juice, Humble Ice Juice, Havana Juice, SVLT Vapor, and Havoc Juice. Apart from Firestorm, the other e-liquid flavors in the Havoc line are Tsunami, Aftershock, and Billions. If you have a thing for fruity e-liquids, then you should give the Havoc Juice series a try.

You can buy a 60ml bottle of Firestorm from the Humble Juice Co. online store for only $10.99. This e-liquid is usually sold for $15.99. You save some money when you buy from the official Humble Juice Co. online shop. Humble Juice Co. is currently offering a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). As part of the BOGO offer, you get an extra e-juice bottle for every one you buy.

Firestorm and all other e-liquids from Humble Juice are pre-steeped for at least two weeks before they are shipped. This means you can start vaping this e-juice as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

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Firestorm E-Liquid by Havoc Juice Co. Review

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