SMOK TFV16 Lite Replacement Coils 3-Pack Review

Replenish your supply and enjoy optimum vaping satisfaction with the 3-pack Smok TFV16 Lite replacement coils.

If you are looking for a dense puff that chucks decent clouds for your device then the SMOK TFV16 Lite is the best solution. This tank is best for your standard vape juices that have higher VG ratios.

Everyone consistently looks to the SMOK brand to fulfill their vaping needs, this is because SMOK is continuously pushing the boundaries of performance and creating innovative devices. SMOK is known throughout the industry for creating high-quality, yet affordable vaping equipment, from devices to tanks to the coils that empower them. Creating yet another ground-breaking sub-ohm tank, the SMOK TFV16 Lite tank has a list of coil options to provide unique experiences that balance performance and flavor.

The packaging of the SMOK TFV16 Lite replacement coils is nothing sophisticated. It comes neatly packaged in a portable white box. The image of the SMOK coils is on the package. The SMOK brand can be seen on the package as well. There is other information on the sides and back of the package about the coil. Inside the package is the 3-pack SMOK TFV16 Lite coils.

SMOK TFV16 Lite replacement coils are available in two different types, Conical Mesh Coils, and Dual Mesh Coils. The Conical Mesh Coils which is 0.2 ohms is powered by nexMesh technology. This is specifically designed for a powerful and warm throat hit with massive vapor and amazing flavor. The unique conical structure can maximize the bottom of the airflow inlet and condense the vapor as it flows through the coil to the drip tip, creating an unparalleled burst of flavor. The Dual Mesh Coils with two mesh holes for dual coil structure, superior wicking capability, and large contact area, heats the e-juice evenly and even quicker, bringing out massive clouds and rich flavor. The Dual Mesh coils has a resistance of 0.15 ohm.

SMOK TFV16 Lite replacement coils 3-Pack is available at the Westcoast Vape Supply online store at an affordable $13.99. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Westcoast Vape Supply has one single goal in mind and this is to provide an easy way for consumers to purchase vape supplies at competitive prices.

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SMOK TFV16 Lite Replacement Coils 3-Pack Review

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