Suorin Drop Pod System Review

The competition in the vaping industry is fierce as every company is trying to create a product that stands out. The kind of products that would give you that wow factor. And this is what devices like the Suorin Drop do.

The company ditched the usual cigalike or box appearance for this interesting teardrop shape. Inside the box, you will find the Drop pod system with a pre-installed pod. You will also find an atomizer, a warning card, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. Visit The Sauce LA to check out the item.


The Suorin Drop is an all-in-one system that is light, portable, discreet, and easy-to-use. It is equipped with a LED battery indicator. A red light indicates the battery is running low or empty, while a blue light means it is fully charged. The mod lights up when you are vaping to update you on the battery life, but the light is hard to see it since it is under your nose.

Powering the Suorin Drop is a 310 mAh battery. It is not really the most impressive there is, and it does not charge as quickly as other similar pod systems. However, it has a pass-through feature that allows you to use it while charging. Unlike most pod systems, you can use a regular USB cable to charge this. Its charging port is located at the bottom part.

The pod has a matte, rubber-like finish. It is nice to hold, and it easily fits in your pocket. In the mid-front area, you can see a round button that displays the Suorin brand name. At first, you would assume this is the firing button, but it is not.

There are different colors available — Suorin Drop rainbow, black, yellow, tiffany blue, brushed gunmetal, green, and red.


It is quite disappointing to open a box and find that only one pod is included in the kit. According to the company, a pod lasts between 5 and 6 refills. I am on my sixth refill now, and by far, I can still enjoy the same rich flavor. The pod can hold up to 2 mL of your favorite vape liquid.

Inside the pod is a 1.3- to 1.4-ohm coil. For this set-up, using a salt Nic-based e-juice is recommended to experience satisfying hits. It also provides a tight draw that suits mouth-to-lung vaping.



The draw on the Suorin Drop is almost the same as other pod systems on the market. To vape, simply take a draw. This will activate the draw firing mechanism inside. You do not need to press any button, making this extremely easy and convenient to use.


It would be nice if the light stayed on longer so you can see it after you finish your draw. It is uncomfortable to cross your eyes just to find out how the battery life is doing. Also, aside from blue and red, there should be in-between. A warning signal or color should be considered so we can have the time to grab the charger and find a port.

The only drawbacks I have noticed with this mod is that it sometimes produces inconsistent hits and misfires. And there were instances when the draw activation took a few seconds to respond.


Overall, despite its small size, the Suorin Drop can serve several purposes. This will suit vapers who are looking for a nice, stealthy, and refillable pod system that is easy to carry everywhere you go. You can get the Suorin Drop for only $34.99 at The Sauce LA site. The refillable pods only cost less than 5 bucks.

I recommend this pod to vapers who have a thing for tight MTL draws.

By the way, if you buy at The Sauce LA, you can add a 60-mL e-juice bottle to your cart for less than $10.

Suorin Drop Pod System Review

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