The Axon Chip: A New Generation Chipset

A box mod is the most powerful type of vaporizer. The name is derived from the box-like shape, which allows it to hold a larger internal battery or multiple batteries. This feature provides more power and longevity to a vape device. These mods incorporate a chipset; allowing the user to customize their experience with the option to adjust wattage, change working mode, and customization of the interface. A regulated box mod’s chip also adds several layers of protection to the device in question.

Due to technological advancements in vaping, each device is characterized by innovative features that were not present in prior devices. Hence, the numbered generation classification.

Currently, the newest devices have fourth-generation features. Don’t get it twisted though. There are still older generation devices available today. It all depends on an individual’s preference and what works best for them. Older generation type devices have features that are not up to today’s standards.

What is a chipset?

A chipset is the set of electronic components that manage the data flow within the mod and process its power. This is what keeps the box mod’s voltage regulated to protect both the device and user as well as provide quality performance. The chipset directly measures and limits the temperature of the heating coil.

Chipsets also provide a much more advanced experience by allowing for temperature control, wattage control, preheating, and digital user controls.

The Axon chip is a fourth-generation chipset that can detect if you’re using a TC coil and will ask if you want to go into SMART TC mode where it sets your vaping experience automatically.

Temperature control

When we talk about fouth generation chipsets then temperature control is also one of the important technologies in vape mods. It allows you to set the exact temperature you wish the coil to run, giving you a consistent and pure vaping experience.

The coil won’t exceed the temperature setting and, as long as you’ve set it at a sensible level, you’ll never experience “dry puff/burnt taste”

The Axon chipset temperature control is recommended for intermediate and advanced users. This mode lets you set a wattage output, and a maximum temperature the coils can reach – stopping coils from overheating and reducing the likelihood of a dry hit.

The Axon chip is one that every vaper will soon be chasing with its technology and features. Axon doesn’t stop there, it also includes Pulse mode, giving your vapor extra power and flavor with every inhale. PTF on top makes filling super simple, without taking the pod out of the tank.

The Vaporesso Gen Mod and Vaporesso Degree are vape devices that are currently using the Axon chipset. If you are yet to try the Gen Mod or Degree then do yourself a favor and ask anyone who has vaped any of the two devices mentioned above. Those two products are such great success no wonder people keep buying them on daily basis.

Vaporesso is a vape manufacturer and supplier with a real drive to give people a vaping life that is safe and of the highest quality – meeting and exceeding the needs of anyone interested in the vaping world. Visit their online store to see the different devices and supplies for your vape needs.

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The Axon Chip: A New Generation Chipset

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