The Best E-Liquids by Slim’s E-Juice for Cloud Chasers

One of the joys of vaping is blowing big clouds of vapor. Cloud chasing started as a fun thing to do for entertainment but has quickly taken a serious turn with competitions being organized across the world. The art of cloud chasing is not easy. To become a professional, you need to master various tricks which takes a lot of practice. You can, however, enjoy massive clouds just by inhaling and blowing when you have a very good device and perfect cloud e-liquid.

Slim’s E-Juice produces some of the best vape juices for blowing clouds. The company is based in Manchester, Tennessee and has up to 20 premium e-liquids that are perfect for generating gigantic clouds of vapor.

Some Slim’s E-juice Cloud E-liquids

  • Slim’s E-Juice’s Unicopia – This is a nice blend of fresh strawberry, cheesecake, Bavarian cream, sweet cream, vanilla custard, and graham crackers. When vaping this e-liquid, you get a sweet, creamy, luscious strawberry cheesecake. In the background, you get hints of custard. It’s very creamy and occasionally you might think it’s either Bavarian cream or sweet cream. On the exhale, the flavors blend very well together and the graham cracker is somewhat more pronounced, but remains mild. This is a very delicious vape and is smooth on the throat.
  • Slim’s E-Juice’s Fountain of Youth – This e-juice is a blend of sweet cream, Bavarian cream, vanilla custard, marshmallow, and caramel candy. On the inhale, you get a very creamy and sweet vanilla custard flavor. On the exhale, the marshmallow and caramel candy flavors become more pronounced with the vanilla custard on the background. The vape is sweet, smooth, and creamy.
  • Slim’s E-Juice’s Sky Pie – This is a blend of fresh apple pie, caramel candy, graham cracker, and whipped cream. On the inhale, you get the apple pie flavor. On the exhale, you get the caramel, and at the very end tail end, you get the graham crackers. The creaminess is present throughout. The taste of this e-juice is spot on. The flavors blend perfectly.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) Ratio

Slim’s E-Juice line of e-liquids for cloud chasers are all MAX VG blends. They come with 100% vegetable glycerin and no propylene glycol. You get abundant cloud production – the type that can win you cloud chasing competitions. Slim’s E-Juice e-liquids are smooth on the throat. This allows you to play with the vapor in your mouth and perform cloud tricks.

Nicotine Strength

Slim’s E-Juice makes its e-liquids available in a variety of nicotine strength levels (0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg, and 12 mg). The kind of throat hit that you will get from these e-liquids depends on the nicotine level that you select. You will not feel any burning, charring, or irritation from vaping these e-liquids.

Packaging and Price

Slim’s E-Juice cloud line is filled with affordable e-liquids. If you are looking to buy a premium-quality cheap vape juice, this is your opportunity. A 60ml bottle of Slim’s E-Juice e-liquids come in brownish glass bottles with a childproof dropper cap. The company makes its e-liquids available in different bottle sizes.

  • 60 ml bottle for only $14.00
  • 120 ml bottle for only $22.00
  • 240 ml bottle for only $40.00
  • 480 ml bottle for only $70.00
  • 960 ml bottle for only $120.00

If you join Slim’s E-Juice mailing list, you also obtain coupon codes. You can get 20% off on E-liquids by entering the code ‘Thank you’ when purchasing any of the cloud line e-juice.


Slim’s E-Juice is quickly becoming a top player in the vaping industry. You can get premium-quality vape juices at very affordable prices from this company. Slim’s E-Juice uses only the finest ingredients to make its e-liquids. Slim’s E-Juice has e-liquids for both cloud chasers and flavor chasers. Whatever your preference, this company is sure to have something for you in its impressive collection.

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The Best E-Liquids by Slim’s E-Juice for Cloud Chasers

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