The Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes You Have Got to Try

We all know smoking pipe tobacco has one too many harmful effects to your body, especially your lungs, but today, there are e liquids. Tobacco itself is a complex and satisfying flavor. It’s no wonder even after a successful transition, some vapers still have batched of tobacco flavored e liquid for their enjoyment. Tobacco flavored e liquid is a great way for transitioning smokers to enjoy the wonders of both worlds without all the smoke and char. It also offers vapers, who have no previous smoking experience, an opportunity to enjoy the satisfying complexity of tobacco without having to actually light a stick.

Even though there are many complex e liquid recipes out there, tobacco flavored e liquids still stands out for many vapers, especially transitioning smokers. To some of them, no mixture of flavors is as satisfying as tobacco. Taste is subjective, as a result, there is no pipe tobacco e liquid flavor that can universally be tagged as “best”. While some vapers will prefer a simple pipe tobacco flavor, some will prefer tobacco e liquid with a lot of added sweetness. In this article, we’ve identified some of the best tobacco e liquid recipes giving you the opportunity to find the right e liquid recipe that best suits you.

What Is the Difference Between Tobacco Flavored E Liquid and A Cigarette?

One major difference is the medium. E liquids are vaporized using an electronic device to heat up the tobacco flavor. This means that you will not have the smoke or char from an electronic cigarette as you would from a traditional cigarette. In terms of taste and feel, there are tobacco flavored e liquids that have been carefully manufactured to mimic the real deal. However, without actual tobacco or combustion, there is no way to capture the exact flavor of tobacco smoke.

The Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes You Have Got to Try

Manufacturers today have successfully created tobacco flavor blends that are every bit of satisfying. They can as well do things with tobacco flavor e liquid that aren’t possible with actual tobacco. There are resources to allow you make your own tobacco flavored e liquid using e liquid pipe tobacco flavor so you are not left out in the tobacco flavor party.

The Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes

Tobacco Cream

This is a smooth and creamy tobacco flavor that you can easily make without too many ingredients. You get to enjoy the unique and complex tobacco flavor with a subtle vanilla and buttercream flavor that will take you on a flavor escapade.

To make this, here are the ingredients that you will need and their percentage;

  • Ry4 Double – 8%
  • French Vanilla – 4 %
  • Butter Cream – 5%

This recipe applies to a 50/50 PG/VG base. If you are increasing the percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG) in the base, feel free to also increase the percentages of the flavorings. You will need to steep this recipe for about 4-6 weeks.

Tobacco Custard

Here is an exciting vanilla tobacco e liquid mixture that will make your taste buds leap in excitement. If you like vanilla and tobacco, then you will absolutely love this e liquid recipe. This e liquid recipe features a combination of RY4 and Black Honey that offers a satisfying tobacco base. In addition, you have a mix of caramel, vanilla and honey to create a satisfying and aromatic tobacco flavor.

To make this tobacco flavored e liquid, here are the ingredients and their percentage;

  • Ry4 Double – 6%
  • Black Honey – 2%
  • Sweet Cream – 3%
  • French Vanilla – 2%
  • Vanilla Custard – 2%

The percentages are according to a 50/50 VG/0PG base, so if you are using more of VG in the base, you can feel free to increase the percentages as well. The steeping time of this tobacco custard flavor varies from 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the best output.

The Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes You Have Got to Try

Tobacco Nuts

If you prefer your tobacco e liquid less creamy and nuttier, this is the e liquid recipe for you. For the love of hazelnut and tobacco. This e liquid flavor perfectly balances tobacco flavor with a hint of hazelnut and peanut butter rounded with a discreet graham cracker and acetyl pyrazine to give it a toasted taste. There is no doubt that you will absolutely love this flavor.

To make this tobacco flavored e liquid, here are the ingredients and their percentage;

  • Ry4 Double – 5%
  • Hazelnut – 1%
  • Peanut Butter – 1%
  • Graham Cracker – 1%
  • Acetyl Pyrazine – 0.3%

This recipe is tailored to a 50/50 base. However, if you will be using more VG, then you can go ahead and increase the percentages. The average steeping time is within 4-6 weeks.


With tobacco, the opportunities are endless. Not only can you mix tobacco flavors with others, you will also have a great time doing so. As always, when talking about making e liquid yourself, make sure to get your ingredients from reputable manufacturers. For example, on, you can find an array of e liquid flavors, including the various tobacco flavors, from pipe tobacco, cigar, cigarette, and many more. They are sure to blend right in your e liquid recipe.

Tobacco flavors are usually more demanding than regular e liquid flavors. As such, moderation of flavors is the key to success in a tobacco flavored e liquid recipe. The percentages of the other flavors must be moderated so that the tobacco flavor is not swallowed up. With this, you can experiment your own tobacco flavored e liquid recipes.

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The Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes You Have Got to Try

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