The Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod

The Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod is an easy to operate and powerful vape mod. It was created by Wotofo and Youtuber Tony B. It has three different power levels and has a firing speed of 0.0001 second. The three levels a vaper can change the mod to is, standard, powerful and powerful+. If you want extreme performance then powerful+ is perfect. The squonk bottles’ capacity is 8.5ml. It even comes with a spare bottle of the same size. It’s easy to remove for cleaning and refilling. The bottle is capable for top loading and side filling. However, a bit of warning to vapors. You will need to remove the 8mm side rubber plug for side refilling.

            The Dyadic Squonk mod can go to 0.05ohms, supporting the pro-level coil setup. Its range can go from 0.05 ohm to 3.0ohm. With its low ohm, you can produce larger clouds of vapor. There are other benefits to having a low ohm. Such as, a more intense flavor due to the sub ohm coils vaporizing a lot of e-juice. Having a dual 18650 battery helps with how long it will last. The power output range is 5W to 200W, which can give the vapor a warmer vaping experience.

            The Dryadic Squonk mod comes in 5 different dynamic colors, gunmetal, black, silver, red and blue. Each vape mod has a rubber coating to give it the look of a smooth finish. The outer frame gives the regulated squonk box protection from accidental drops. There is also a 0.96” TFT screen that displays the settings you have chosen. It shows the wattage usage, ohm levels, output mode voltage, and battery life. The mod comes with easy to use adjusting buttons and a fire button the front. This allows vapers to adjust the wattage levels. The fire button also acts as a shut off/on button. All you need to do is click the button 5 times to turn it on or off.

            With such a huge output of power it’s important to have built in safety features. This dual battery mod comes with many protective features. Such as, low resistance, low voltage, overheating, short circuit, and a 10 second auto cutoff. There is a safety feature that allows the device to be locked or unlocked. By pressing both adjusting buttons at the same time, locks or unlocks the mod. This prevents the Dryadic squonk mod to fire or settings to be changed while in the vapors pocket. It’s also a perfect safety feature to keep children from unlocking it.

            This mod is one of wotofo best-selling mods. The Dryadic Squonk mod is priced for $59.99 on When you only purchase the mod you get, 2 squonk bottles with one already installed, a user manual, an USB charging cable and the Mod itself. It also comes in a bundle which includes, a carrying case as well. You only get this if you click on add bundle and not just add to cart. The price for the bundle is $62.98. You would be saving 10%  compared to buying the bundle separately.

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The Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod

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