Triple Honeycomb w/ Ice Catch – 10 inches by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Triple Honeycomb Bong by Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the most sought-after straight tube bongs with ice catcher & honeycomb percolators available on the market. It is 10 inches in height and is a perfect choice for regular smokers. This percolator bong offers an amazing smoking experience with lots of smoke and an icy touch. It is very easy to clean and suitable for daily use.

This device provides you with excellent cool icy smoke which soothes your soul, thanks to the ice catcher and honeycomb percolators. You can see the ice catcher located to the center of the glass tube which can hold ice. The ice catcher is a pinched formation on the percolator bong that can hold the ice for cooling the smoke. The three back-to-back honeycomb percolators make the smoke smoother and lighter and make the smoke taste like honey. It has a thick round glass base to hold the bong.

The combination of a straight tube with honeycomb percolators efficiently decreases drag. It offers an excellent smoking session with exceptional flavor. The thick glass mouthpiece helps to reduce splashback. This glass pipe features a built-in three-pinch ice catcher, three percolators, and a high-quality quartz banger. The quartz banger helps to heat up herbs fast and it can resist tedious heating and cooling sequences required to vaporize concentrates. This device has a thick and flared mouthpiece which acts as an airtight seal when you inhale ice-cool smoke. The female joint holds male bong accessories such as slider pipes, shooters, and ash catcher. The ash catcher collects the burnt ashes and keeps the bong clean.

The triple honeycomb percolators are flat discs that have a varied type of slits. This type of percolator has small holes that can create a swirl effect in water for massive and icy smoke. This 10-inch bong is made of clear thick glass with a minor detailing of color on the beaker and mouthpiece. The high-quality glass used for its construction made it stronger and durable. It is not like the cheap glass pipes that disappoint you when it breaks with a simple touch. Atomic Dog Vapor provides premium quality products to its customers at bargain prices.

Triple Honeycomb Bong by Atomic Dog Vapor comes in 3 different color variations – Tricomb Emerald, Tricomb Amber, and Tricomb Sapphire. You can buy this amazing glass bong from Atomic Dog Vapor’s online store at a discounted price. If you buy now, you have to pay just $27.99 for a piece of triple honeycomb bong, instead of the original price of $34.99. Atomic Dog Vapor is a well-known online spot in the US for buying vaping and smoking products. The quality of their products and nice customer service has made them one of the best online stores in the US. You can buy anything related to vaping very cheap here when compared to their competitors.  Selling cheap doesn’t mean they are compromising on quality. They always sell premium quality products to their customers and have a wide collection of vaping products and accessories. The company offers fast delivery services to all states in the US at a minimal price.

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Triple Honeycomb w/ Ice Catch – 10 inches by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

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