What to Consider for Your Box Mod Setup

Because of the interests of specialists and hobbyists, vaping became well known and led to the emergence of advanced vape mods. It is not hard to notice the reason how people accepted box mods. Vape pens were modified to increase performance. They made it possible to last longer between charging the battery and having more intense Vapor and throat hits in every puff. 

More people switch to vaping in exchange for smoking. They find out that the setups are becoming sophisticated. You can see a wide collection of different box mods available on the market. These mods outstand the traditional electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) in every detail. If you are new to vaping, you should consider having your own case mod setup. 

What are Box Mods? 

Box mods almost look like the traditional cigarettes based on size and shape even if e-cigs came to the market first. Remember a portable size is an advantage. Many vapers switched their low standard battery control. Others who have an opposite force began looking for more reliable and fantastic options. 

In the past, no one can access online to understand the common complaints. Today, vape enthusiasts began creating their own alternatives. This provides an inspiration for the manufacturers to stay to this same pattern. 

Box mods are unique because of their shape. The outer box at the bottom of the pen does not look similar to a cigarette. But vapers find the additional size a great advantage. The box mod that is bigger in size can carry interesting features such as meter breakers, better or multiple batteries, high-wattage power controllers, digital displays, and more temperature controls. 

How to Narrow Down Your Options 

Box mods are an update that vapers can work on after a while. They are ideal for advanced vapers who know exactly what they are looking for. Some good examples include better battery life, bigger clouds, or more extreme flavor.  

Battery Life 

At first, box mods were designed to cater the issue about the battery life. That’s the reason vapers want this style. The bigger space in the box contains interior batteries and high drain batteries that are rechargeable in either single setup or double or triple setups. The bigger case mod can carry a bigger battery. You charge it at fewer intervals and use the mod longer. A single charge can last for a long time. 

Temperature Control 

This feature is new and allows accessibility using box mods. This is the opposite of the unpleasant dry hits. This advanced feature limits the coil from its heating element more than the certain threshold. 

Variable Wattage or Variable Voltage 

You can change between a variety of atomizer with different resistance, wire sizes, and coil types if you know how to change the VW/VV yield. You should know the best wattage for sub ohm vaping. You can control and convert the amount of heat the coils produce with just a few clicks of a button. As a result, you can modify the intensity of the flavor, the length of the pull, and the burn of the vape juice. 

Final Thoughts

Many regulated mods do not provide the same satisfaction as other people use to quickly increase the power from mechanical mods. These mods come with the additional benefit of many safety features and better power regulation the mechanical mods don’t have. It is best to try a few regulated mods to determine which one does the best job fit for your needs. To know more about sub ohm vaping, sub ohm kits, box mods either regulated or mechanical, and much more, visit wotofo.com. They will be happy to assist you with your new mod setup.

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What to Consider for Your Box Mod Setup

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