Wismec Trough Tank Review

The Trough Tank is the newest mesh tank from Wismec. This sub ohm tank is available with a capacity of either 6.5mL (30mm x 50mm), 2mL (30mm x 50mm) or 5mL (28.5mm x 50mm).

The Wismec Trough Vape Tank has the height of 50mm, a diameter of 28mm, and about 30mm at its widest point. You can tell that this tank is well designed and thought out. The roughness when you slide the top cap to the side to refill the tank is similar to the metal-on-metal grinding.

The Wismec Trough Tank works with three mesh coils including the WT01, WT02, and WT03. The latter is not included in the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 kit. The package includes the WT01 0.35ohm single mesh coil and the WT02 0.20ohm dual mesh coil. The WT03 0.15ohm triple mesh coil is also available but is not included in the kit.

Both the Wismec Trough Coils (WT01 and WT02) contain a wicking material that is made up of 70 percent organic cotton and 30 percent wood pulp. These materials are combined with advanced technology to make the e-liquid soak better and produce a consistent flavor.

The WT01 is a 0.35 ohm coil and is rated for 30W to 50W. The WT02 is a 0.20ohm coil and is rated for 30W to 70W.

Both Wismec Trough coils provide pure flavor and massive clouds. They do a decent job of bringing out the flavor of the e-liquid. The vapor production depends on the power settings of your device. At 85W with the air slots open just a quarter, you’ll get massive clouds.

The filling port of the Trough tank is covered with silicone which prevents leaks when you accidentally knock over the tank while refilling.

The Wismec Trough tank has a sliding top filling design and the 360-degree airflow system. This makes it easy to inject the e-liquid, but also prevents leakage and ensures excellent flavor.

At the base of the Wismec Trough tank are two airflow slots. Both slots are not that massive. The tank comes with an 810 resin drip tip fits tight in the top cap.

Checking through other Trough tank reviews online, you can see that this is a highly rated product.

You can buy the Wismec Trough Tank for as low as $30.92 to $39.10 at www.wismec.com.

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Wismec Trough Tank Review

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